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    Brandon Mull

ISBN: 9781639930883

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The Candy Shop War: Carnival Quest

by: Brandon Mull

The long-awaited finale of the best-selling series!
The Blue Falcons is a secret kid’s club that fights against a family of villainous magicians. Using an impressive arsenal of magical candy, Nate, Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon defeated Belinda White, a sinister candy shop owner who almost seized control of their town, and her brother, Jonas White, a maniacal arcade operator who tried to turn the planet into his personal puppet.

Now, the Blue Falcons believe they must battle the third sibling—Camilla, who has brought the Dreams and Screams International Carnival to their town of Colson, California.

Rumors are spreading about the new carnival. Those who visit feel compelled to return. Some who enter the labyrinthine Fun House disappear for days. And the Big Top is said to bewitch audience members.

The Blue Falcons think they know who is responsible and are ready to fight, but the carnival blocks any outside magic. Without their favorite enchanted treats, how can the kids save their town?

When weird dreams start to plague everyone who has visited the carnival, the worlds of magic and reality collide. With the help of a new magical enforcer, the Blue Falcons will need to learn to use the magic of the carnival against itself, including a host of new magical carnival candies, and tap into the power of their own dreams to battle their greatest adversary yet.

Meet the Author
BRANDON MULL is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of the Fablehaven, Beyonders, and Five Kingdoms series.  A kinetic thinker, Brandon enjoys bouncy balls, squeezable stress toys, and popping bubble wrap.  He lives in Utah in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon with his wife, Erlyn, their eleven children, and a dog named Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Brandon loves meeting his readers and hearing about their experiences with his books.
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About This Book

ISBN: 9781639930883
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Publish Date: March 14, 2023
Page Count: 400

"Exciting. Nate is an excellent hero. He's courageous and a quick thinker, and his outsider status keeps him grounded and approachable. The carnival is a wondrous place featuring special tickets and carnie coins that unlock its hidden levels and depths. Nate and his friends hope to gather enough of both to gain entrance to the off-limits sections of the park and find out its real secrets. Against Nate’s group stands the Swindler, a huckster who claims to be able to win any game of chance that a contestant suggests, from guessing numbers to board games. He entices people with the promise of the best prizes. Facing him, Nate and his friends struggle to discern what’s a dream and what’s reality. Carnival Quest is a fun fantasy novel in which plucky children explore an evil-infused carnival to save the world from its creepy embrace."
Foreword Reviews

“Magical minions of various (and sometimes gross) abilities, Mull trots his twist-laden plot forward to a well set-up climax. He dishes up a crowd-pleaser as delicious—if not so weird—as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."
Kirkus, from book 1

“A delectable fantasy adventure where magical candies give four friends super powers to save their town.”
Foreword Reviews, from book 1