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    Obert Skye

ISBN: 978-1-62972-529-1


Wizard for Hire 2: Apprentice Needed

by: Obert Skye

Ozzy Toffy’s adventure, which began in Wizard for Hire, continues when one dark and windy night, he gets out of bed, jumps out his window, and walks straight into the ocean.

More than ever, Ozzy could really use the services of Rin, the wizard he hired to help find his parents—but Rin is missing, despite Ozzy’s continual attempts to contact him. And Clark, the mechanical bird his father left him, is as peculiar and vain as ever.

When a mysterious package arrives, Ozzy and his good friend Sigi are sure that the plane ticket and thumb drive they find inside are from Rin. Trying to get Clark through security at the airport proves complicated—as most things are with Clark. But when they arrive in New York, they discover there’s even more adventure in store for them.

Will Rin return and save the day? Will Ozzy figure out why he keeps walking into the ocean? Can Sigi find a way to trust her delinquent father? Will someone please appreciate Clark the way he’d like to be appreciated? For once?

Wizard for Hire: Apprentice Needed is a story filled with humor and excitement that shows us the magic in everyday things.

Meet the Author

Obert Skye is not who you think he is -- unless you think he's a best-selling author of over thirty books. Also, if you think he's not great at whistling, or that he's discovered cures, or that he once broke his collarbone while walking, then he's exactly who you think he is, and you're psychic. Among the books he's written are the Leven Thumps series, The Pillagy, The Creature from My Closet, Mutant Bunny Island, and Geeked Out. Among the cures he's discovered are the cure for boredom, a cure for ignorance, and a half-decent recipe for the curing of a ham. Obert is also a presenter and champion of both words and paper. If you have time on your hands you might look in on some of the other things he's done at obertskye.com. If you're out of time, then take comfort in the fact that you spent your last few moments reading something worthwhile.

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About This Book
  • The first middle-grade children’s series to feature a wizard in modern-day America. This is book 2 in the series.
  • Rin isn’t a hocus-pocus wizard, but more a wise man who speaks in truisms and sees the magic in everyday things.
  • Set in Portland, Oregon and New York City.
  • Rin and his daughter, Sigi, work to strengthen their relationship. Rin explains that parenting is not easy, especially when the parents are divorced, but the time he spent with Sigi has meant everything to him. They bond by helping Ozzy and by overcoming something hard together.
  • Book one focused on the search to find Ozzy’s kidnapped parents who destroyed a secret mind-controlling serum and refused to recreate it. Book two reveals the truth that, as a toddler, Ozzy was injected with the serum and is now starting to show signs of it, including being able to influence and control the thoughts of another person. At the end of book two Ozzy discovers that his parents are still alive! But where? And after Rin performs an actual spell, Ozzy might just end up believing in magic after all.
  • Rin proudly shows off his unusual new tartan plaid pants. The pants, he claims, are a reflection of a wizard’s status and level of respect and reflect his recent promotion. For Rin to move to the next level, he needs to pass down what he knows to an apprentice. He chooses Ozzy who must complete five tasks and prove he has the attributes of a true wizard. Ozzy accepts Rin’s invitation, completing the tasks throughout the story, but more than ever, Ozzy is still unsure if Rin is a real wizard.

ISBN: 978-1-62972-529-1
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 416