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    Carol Cujec, Peyton Goddard,

ISBN: 9781629727899

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by: Carol Cujec, Peyton Goddard,

Inspired by a true story.

My name is Charity. I am thirteen years old. I love sour gummies and pepperoni pizza. That last part no one knows because I have not spoken a sentence since I was born. Each dawning day, I live in terror of my unpredictable body movements which no one understands.

Even with incredible math skills and a memory for perfect details, Charity is a person with disabilities. She can’t speak and struggles to control her body but with the help of her teachers, Charity is finally able to communicate one sentence that will change everything: I am intelligent.

Her stunning declaration marks her entry into public school where she faces enormous learning difficulties and must deal with the other students and their parents who don’t understand her challenges and subject her to relentless bullying as they try to get her sent back to a special ed school. With the support of teachers and newfound friends, Charity will have to fight hard to be accepted.

Real is a middle-grade novel that encourages compassion and understanding to regard all people as valuable.

Meet the Author
Carol Cujec, PhD, has worked as a writer and educator for two decades. Her own teaching and parenting experiences have given her welcomed insights into celebrating neurodiversity. Carol lives in San Diego with her husband, three children, and a mischievous orange tabby.
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Real February 2, 2021
Meet the Author
Peyton Goddard is an advocate for inclusion and has written about and made many presentations on living with autism. Her message is one of valuing all people and protecting those most vulnerable from abuse which she experienced for several decades when she lacked a dependable mode of communication. Her message centers on “changing this worrisome world” through compassionate understanding and support for all. Peyton lives with support in her own apartment, adjacent to her parents’ home in San Diego.
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Real February 2, 2021
About This Book

ISBN: 9781629727899
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Publish Date: February 2, 2021
Page Count: 224