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    Tyler Whitesides

ISBN: 978-1-62972-069-2


Janitors: Heroes of the Dustbin – Book 5

by: Tyler Whitesides
Meet the Author
TYLER WHITESIDES worked as a janitor at a middle school while attending college. It was there he discovered the many secrets and mysteries that can be hidden in a dusty school. Tyler graduated from Utah State University with a degree in music. He enjoys fly fishing in the mountains, cooking, and vacuuming. Tyler and his wife, Connie, live in beautiful northern Utah.
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About This Book

“Action-packed and surprising.”-Publishers Weekly
“An entertaining ruckus.”-Kirkus Reviews

Although their enemies are powerful, their allies few, Spencer and his team of Rebels are not giving up! But what chance do a handful of kids and one rescued janitor have against the combined evil of the Founding Witches and the Sweepers? Can the Rebels close the source of all Glop and stop the Toxites once and for all—or is the world doomed to fall under the control of the sinister Bureau of Educational Maintenance? This explosive series finale is a gripping ride through conflicted loyalties and daring escapes, unexpected alliances and betrayals, and an ending you’ll never forget!



Spencer Zumbro was supposed to spit. He didn’t like spitting. It was typically disrespectful and totally unsanitary. But today, it was necessary. Today, standing in the janitorial closet at Welcher Elementary School, his spit was a secret weapon.

It was really the only thing keeping the Rebel Janitors going in their fight against the corrupted Bureau of Educational Maintenance. The BEM had Mr. Clean and his strike force of mutated Sweepers. They had Pluggers, trained to ride and control oversized Toxites. They even had the Founding Witches, masterful at Glopifying cleaning supplies, even without their wands of power.

The Rebels had Spencer’s spit.

Editorial Reviews

"Action-packed and surprising."
-Publishers Weekly

"An entertaining ruckus."
-Kirkus Reviews