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    Alissa Parker

ISBN: 9781629722795


An Unseen Angel

by: Alissa Parker
Meet the Author
Alissa grew up in Ogden, Utah the youngest of five children. She graduated from Weber State University and there married her high school sweet heart, Robbie. They are the proud parents of three beautiful girls; Emilie (who passed away at age 6), Madeline (8) and Samantha (6). Alissa currently resides in a small town outside of Vancouver, Washington with her family and their four chickens. Alissa is an avid photographer, crafter, reader and amateur gardener. After her daughter Emilie was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, Alissa co-founded two non-profit organizations; Safe and Sound Schools which empowers parents and educators about school safety and The Emilie Parker Art Connection that helps fund and support art programs for children. But the job that means the most to Alissa is being a full time mom to her daughters.
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About This Book

The Unforgettable Story of One Mother’s Journey after Sandy Hook.

When Alissa Parker lost her daughter Emilie in the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting, she started a life-changing journey to answer soul-searching questions about faith, hope, and healing. As she sought for the peace and comfort that could help mend her broken heart, she learned, step by step, how to open her heart to God’s grace and will.

One step brought her face to face with the shooter’s father, where in a pivotal and poignant meeting, she was given an opportunity to forgive. Another step brought her into the sheltering compassion of her community as family, friends, and even strangers reached out to buoy her up with their shared faith. And several miraculous manifestations of Emilie’s continued presence and influence lifted her heart and will validate the faith of every Christian.

The story of Alissa and Emilie reminds us that the bonds of love continue beyond this life and that despite tragedy and heartache, we can find strength in our family and our faith.


ISBN: 9781629722795
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
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Editorial Reviews

"An Unseen Angel is a beautiful message of peace. I'm inspired by how Alyssa Parker found hope after the horrible murder of her daughter Emilie. Her story of strength as she worked through her pain and heartbreak is amazing. I feel relief with Alyssa when she ultimately found closure and forgiveness in the worst of situations.”
-Stephanie Nielson New York Times Best-selling author

“From the deepest pain a mother can imagine, comes a beautiful book whose message of redemption and healing touches all of us. Reading her words, my breath caught in my throat, and yet, her story reminds us that sun follows night, love and faith are powerful balms, and we can choose whether we live in the darkness or light. Alissa’s Parker’s healing story is a testament to the best parts of human nature and the power of resilience."
-Lee Woodruff – Contributing Reporter for CBS This Morning and New York Times Best-selling author