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    Arlem Hawks

ISBN: 9781639931071

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Along a Breton Shore

by: Arlem Hawks

A soldier must choose between his heart’s desire or his duty to country in this gripping novel of friendship and survival.

Maxence Étienne believes fiercely in the Revolution and longs for his name to be listed among the heroes bringing liberty to France. It’s been almost two years of non-stop war, but the monarchy has fallen, and he’s beginning to see the changes so many of his countrymen have fought for. With war still raging, Maxence is transferred from Paris to the port city of Nantes, a hotbed of counterrevolutionaries, to help stamp out rebellion against the new republic.

Maxence is called upon to settle a disturbance between a priest and a young counterrevolutionary woman—Armelle Bernard. The argument with the priest escalates, ending in an order for Armelle’s immediate execution.

Maxence has seen his share of violence and bloodshed, but he can’t kill a woman whose only crime is taunting a clergyman. While helping her escape, he is forced to kill a fellow soldier and ends up imprisoned by the same revolutionaries he had sworn his allegiance to. When Armelle risks her life to free him, the two become fugitives. Now they must find a way to rise above their prejudices and learn to trust each other as they struggle to find a path to peace, and to freedom.

Meet the Author
ARLEM HAWKS began making up stories before she could write. Living all over the western United States and traveling around the world gave her a love of cultures and people and the stories they have to tell. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications, with an emphasis in print journalism, and she lives in Arizona with her husband and three children.
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About This Book

ISBN: 9781639931071
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Publish Date: June 6, 2023
Page Count: 368