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    Tiffany Odekirk

ISBN: 9781639933655

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Summerhaven Collector’s Edition

by: Tiffany Odekirk

This beautiful collector’s edition includes the never-before-published novella, “The Making of an Earl,” which highlights select Summerhaven chapters told through Damon’s point of view.

Hannah Kent and Oliver Jennings pledged their hearts to each other as children. Now, years later, Hannah is thrilled to receive an invitation to spend the summer at Oliver’s family’s country estate. The path to wedded bliss is clear—so long as Oliver’s highbrow older brother, Damon, has ceased his juvenile antics, Hannah’s future looks bright indeed.

But from the moment Hannah arrives at Summerhaven, nothing is as she expected. Oliver seems disinterested in renewing their acquaintance, leaving Hannah at a loss to understand why, and Damon is not the brutish boy she remembers but a man intent on avoiding marriage. Although Hannah has loathed Damon her whole life, when he contrives a ruse designed to win Hannah and him what they both desire, Hannah warily agrees—by pretending to be madly in love with Damon, she can reclaim Oliver’s attention, and by pretending to court Hannah, Damon can avoid marriage. But when Damon is surprisingly convincing in his role as a suitor, it proves difficult for Hannah to discern the line between pretense and true love.

Meet the Author
Tiffany Odekirk believes cooking should take less than thirty minutes, frosting is better than ice cream, and all books should end with “happily ever after.” After earning her bachelor’s degree, she worked in the nonprofit sector to help homeless women and children. Tiffany is the author of four romance novels and has received a 5-star Readers' Favorite review and a Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Award (IBPA) for her Regency romance Summerhaven. These days, you can find her reading or writing a book in her Southern California home, where she lives with her handsome husband and four adorable children. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Bookbub @AuthorTiffanyOdekirk.
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