Join Brandon Mull and illustrator Brandon Dorman Saturday, May 1st, for an unforgettable Virtual Event to celebrate the launch of Legend of the Dragon Slayer. The Brandons will be discussing the book along with some exciting details and hints for Return of the Dragon Slayers, the final book in the New York Times best-selling children's series, Dragonwatch, followed by an open-audience Q&A.

Tickets can be purchase through GrowTix for the Virtual Event only, for the Virtual Event with the book plus swag, and/or a one-on-one Virtual Meet & Greet with Brandon Mull.

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Book Description

The beautifully illustrated edition of the origin story of Dragonwatch, the #1 New York Times best-selling series, is an extraordinary collaboration between writer Brandon Mull and series illustrator Brandon Dorman. This exclusive volume also features a never-before-published dragon slayer genealogy, a detailed map of the Kingdom of Selona, and more than fifty full-color illustrations.

In ancient times dragons were the ultimate threat to the rest of the mythical world. At the height of the Age of Dragons, it appeared that dragons might not only gain dominion over the magical-races, but could potentially overrun the nonmagical world as well.

The Legend of the Dragon Slayer is the origin story of the New York Times best-selling children's series Dragonwatch.