Proper Romance® Author Videos

Proper Romance® Zoom Event - 5/2/20

Q&A with Proper Romance® Authors

Nancy Campbell Allen    

Nancy Campbell Allen reads from
Check Me Out by Becca Wilhite

Julianne Donaldson    

Julianne Donaldson reads from
Promised by Leah Garriott

Sarah Eden    

Tea with Julianne Donaldson

    Proper Romance® Mash-ups

Leah Garriott    

Leah Garriott reads from
Beauty and the Clockwork Beast
by Nancy Campbell Allen

Arlem Hawks    

Introduction Video:
Meet Arlem Hawks

Krista Jensen    

Introduction Video:
Meet Krista Jensen
    Krista Jensen reads from
Miracle Creek Christmas

Josi S. Kilpack    

Josi S. Kilpack Reads from
Lies Jane Austen Told Me
by Julie Wright

Ilima Todd    

Introduction Video:
Meet Ilima Todd
    Ilima Todd reads from
A Song for the Stars

Megan Walker    

Introduction Video:
Meet Megan Walker

    Megan Walker reads from
Heir to Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

Becca Wilhite    

Becca Wilhite reads from
Lakeshire Park by Megan Walker

Julie Wright    

Covid-19 CDC Guidelines
(from a Jane Austen Perspective)

    Julie Wright reads from
Daisies and Devotion
by Josi S. Kilpack