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    Josi S. Kilpack

ISBN: 978-1-62972-552-9


Daisies and Devotion (Mayfield Family Series #2)

by: Josi S. Kilpack

A Mayfield Family Romance – Vol. 2 in the standalone series

Timothy Mayfield is ready to marry for love, but since his personal finances are thinner than he’d like, he knows he’ll also need a wife with wealth. After receiving an unexpected inheritance, Timothy’s circumstances change, and he is free to pursue his “perfect woman”—one with blonde hair, blue eyes, a light laugh, arched eyebrows, elegant fingers, and a dazzling smile, among nearly twenty other characteristics.

His best friend and confidante, Maryann Morrington, is gently exasperated by his youthful optimism and innocence.  Though having been friends for years, she knows she doesn’t match anything on Timothy’s list — except for wealth.  An heiress in her own right, she is tired of men pursuing her only for her money.  But at nearly twenty-two years old, and not particularly stunning beauty, she can’t be as picky as her friend Timothy is.

The two friends end up playing matchmaker for each other. Timothy will find a decent gentleman for Maryann, and Maryann will prove to Timothy that his “perfect woman” doesn’t exist.

Until Miss Shaw comes to London.

Now, with Timothy’s heart captivated by the blonde, blue-eyed beauty, Maryann must decide if she should risk her heart and reveal her true feelings for her friend, or if she should settle for someone else. It’s an up-and-down game of “he loves me, he loves me not,” with both hearts and friendships on the line.

Meet the Author
Josi S. Kilpack is the author of several novels and one cookbook and a participant in several coauthored projects and anthologies. She is a four-time Whitney Award winner—including Lord Fenton's Folly (2015) for Best Romance and Best Novel of the Year—and a Utah Best in State winner for fiction. She is the mother of four children and lives in northern Utah. You can find more information about Josi and her writing at josiskilpack.com.
About This Book
  • Second book in a multi-volume series of Regency standalone romances featuring main characters from the Mayfield family. Each volume will focus on one child from the family as he or she pursues a relationship and marriage.
  • Features two protagonists who are convinced that they need to marry for either love OR money, until they discover that in an honest relationship they can have everything.
  • Josi Kilpack’s writing style is character-driven and touches on the psychology of why we fall in love.
  • Each volume in the series will incorporate a flower motif as part of the title and the thematic structure of the story. For example, in this one, the daisy-and it’s corresponding children’s game of “he loves me; he loves me not”-parallels Maryann’s on-again-off-again relationship with Timothy.
  • This story addresses the old adage that beauty is only skin deep. Timothy and Maryann are well-acquainted with each other. She is a wealthy heiress who knows she lacks the beauty of other women. When Timothy chooses to court Maryann, she candidly asks him if courting her has anything to do with her fortune. He confirms her suspicion. His honesty and openness appeals to her, and they begin a flirting friendship filled with witty banter. Wit turns to tension when Timothy discovers he is inheriting his own fortune and begins to seek out the company of beautiful debutants instead of Maryann, thinking that he’ll find love. Maryann is heartbroken that Timothy would choose beauty over friendship. In the end, Timothy realizes that beauty doesn’t necessarily translate to love, and that the connection he had with Maryann was, in fact, true love.
  • Clean content, suitable for all ages.

ISBN: 978-1-62972-552-9
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 352

Editorial Reviews

"Mirthful, lighthearted look at proper manners and repeated misunderstandings. Protocol and posturing are skillfully revealed as both protagonists seek marital matches for themselves at gatherings filled with societal gossip and judgment. There’s further humor tempered with heartache as Timothy and Maryann start searching for spouses for each other, despite their growing mutual attraction. This amusing adventure in misunderstandings will delight readers who appreciate rich settings and strong characters."
-Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Any teen Regency fan who has ever fallen for someone who wants to be just “friends” will relate to the heroine’s romantic dilemma."

"Kilpack's newest release is a slow-building love story that asks the hero and the reader to choose the simple daisy over hothouse roses. A sweet, original romance."

"Friends trying to help one another navigate the Season and romance need look no further than at each other to find true love. Kilpack’s second “Mayfield Family” story (after Promises and Primroses) is sweet and a bit unexpected; she never lets her readers down."
-Library Journal

"The characters are well drawn, their interaction is involving, and the echoes of Jane Austen add richness. The main strength of this Regency romance, however, is the exploration of the problems that face both men and women in finding a suitable partner. Not easy in any age, but particularly in the 19th century when opportunities for meaningful interaction and frank discussion were strictly limited in the upper class and the consequences of misjudgment dire. Highly recommended."
-Historical Novel Society