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    Frank L. Cole

ISBN: 9781639932382

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The Legend of the Last Library

by: Frank L. Cole

In a world where paper is extremely scarce and books are priceless, Juni undertakes a dangerous quest to find a legendary lost treasure—the last library. 

Juni lives in a world without books. The Blight killed off all the trees, and since then, paper is worth more than just about anything else. Juni’s parents were killed in an archeological dig when she was young, so now it’s just her and her Grandpa Edgar, trying to survive. When she’s not in school, Juni and her friends Doler and Quaze turn to plifting—scavenging in abandoned buildings for any scrap of paper they can find—to earn a little money. If Juni can find enough paper, she can pay for the expensive health care Grandpa needs.

So when Juni discovers a book—the first one she’s ever seen—hidden in a box in her grandpa’s closet, she’s both surprised and elated at the thought of the money she could get by selling it. Grandpa, however, insists that she read it first. Beyond the experience of opening her imagination, which exceeds her expectations, the book has hidden clues in the text that point to what could be the last library on Earth. If reading one book could change her own life so dramatically, what would access to thousands of books do?

While out plifting, Juni meets Kobyn, who’s connected to a secret organization eager to find the library and who seems to know something about how Juni’s parents actually died. The mystery deepens when Juni meets Ullred O’Donnell, the head of Novexus, a megacorporation that has replaced the government and now controls all the information—and misinformation—the public sees. With an army of robot sentry dogs by his side, Ullred warns Juni to abandon her quest—or else. Juni, Doler, and Kobyn—along with Zeno, an AI holographic guardian of the library—must liberate the information the library contains and share it with the world before Novexus claims it for their own.

Meet the Author
FRANK L. COLE was born into a family of southern storytellers and wrote his first book at age eight. Some of his favorite stories involve ghosts and Bigfoot. Currently, along with his wife and three children, he resides in the shadow of a majestic mountain range. The Questmaster’s Trap is Frank’s fourteenth published book.
He’s an active promoter of reading and using imagination and has presented to more than 250 schools nationwide. As part of his research for Champion’s Quest, he has acquired hundreds of roleplaying campaign modules and loves immersing himself in those worlds. Visit the author at frankcolewrites.com
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