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    Bruce Lindsay, Dan Burr,

ISBN: 9781639931576

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The Christmas List of Richard Lindsay

by: Bruce Lindsay, Dan Burr,

Based on a true story of a boy who helps bring Christmas to his family despite the hard times of the early 1930s.

Young Richard wonders if Christmas will come this year. Money was tight for most families during the Great Depression, and the Lindsay family was well-acquainted with hardship. When Richard asks his widowed mother about Christmas, she reassures him that their family has everything they need. Without a Christmas turkey, they will have the fat red rooster from the chicken coop.

“What about the rest of Christmas?” Richard asks. “Where will that come from?”

His resourceful mother invites him to write down the names of people he loves, and asks, “How could you share Christmas with them?”

Richard has an idea. He has exactly one dollar in coins that he’d saved from neighborhood jobs. He will buy everyone on his list a five- or ten-cent present from the corner store.

With his Christmas list in hand, he chooses a handkerchief for Grandma Emma, a tin of marshmallows for his brother, hair clips for his big sisters, and crayons for little Grace. He finds bookmarks for his teachers and his uncles. He even picks out a red jawbreaker for his best friend, Heber. But what should he buy his mother? On Christmas morning, Richard is excited to see the joy on the face of each person on his list, especially his mother’s.

The beautifully illustrated picture book by award-winning illustrator Dan Burr brings to life this meaningful story about the joy of giving and bringing happiness to the people you love at Christmastime.

Meet the Author
Bruce Lindsay was in the second grade when he wrote his first Christmas story for The Plymouth School News. His interest in writing led to a career in journalism as an Emmy Award-winning reporter and newscaster. Decades of presenting current events to large television audiences never brought him more satisfaction than reading Christmas stories aloud to his children and grandchildren. Bruce received an MBA from the University of Utah. His favorite places to write are on a ship or on a train or in the shade on his back porch.
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Meet the Author
Dan Burr is an award-winning illustrator. He started his career working in oils on canvas or panels but has since achieved the same texture, realism, and attention to detail using digital painting processes. He earned a master’s degree in illustration from Syracuse University. When he is not working on a project or fishing, he can usually be found puttering around his home in Idaho with his wife or in his boat shed working on one of his wooden drift boats.
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About This Book

ISBN: 9781639931576
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Publish Date: September 19, 2023
Page Count: 32