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    The Six Sisters

ISBN: 978-1-62972-443-0


Copycat Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff

by: The Six Sisters

The popular Six Sisters’ Stuff bloggers come to the rescue with a new collection of more than 100 easy-to-make recipes of popular restaurant dishes and takeout favorites for busy families.

With more than fifty recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less, this cookbook can help make meal planning a breeze as you mix-and-match side dishes from one restaurant with main courses from another and finish it off with a dessert from a third.

Save money while spending more time with your family. Change dining-out to dining-in for a memorable experience your whole family will enjoy.

Includes copycat recipes for Texas Roadhouse Cactus Blossom, Panda Express Orange Chicken, Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan, Disneyland Monte Cristo Sandwich, Chili’s Molten Hot Lave Cake, Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes, and Universal Studios Butterbeer.

Meet the Author
The Six Sisters—Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren, and Kendra—started the blog SixSistersStuff.com in 2011 as a way to keep in touch after they moved out of their house and started lives and families on their own.  In just a few years, their blog has become one of the top blog sites for women with millions of visitors each month enjoying the Sisters' family stories, recipes, and tips for running a home.  The sisters live in California, Texas, and Utah.
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About This Book
  • According to the Harvard Business Review, 90% of Americans don’t like to cook at home with 45% saying they hate it, and 45% saying they’re lukewarm about it. Americans are spending up to 44% of their total food budget on eating out, not counting the money spent on food apps for takeout. In their seventh book, the popular Six Sisters’ Stuff bloggers come to the rescue for busy families who want to take the chore out of home cooking with a new collection of easy-to-make replica recipes of popular restaurant and takeout favorites.
  • From popular blog Six Sisters’ Stuff. Facebook: 1.3 million followers; YouTube 18K; Pinterest 677.5K; Twitter 17.7K, email 100K, and Instagram 142K. Their blog has 7M+ monthly page views, with 3M+ unique monthly page views.
  • The Sisters are known for their quick-and-easy recipes and have created versions of famous restaurant dishes that you can make at home utilizing ingredients that you probably already have on-hand.
  • Fifty percent of the recipes in the cookbook can be made in 30 minutes or less.
  • Recipes can be made for far less than the cost of eating out.


ISBN: 978-1-62972-443-0
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 208