**Join the hunt - online or in-person - starting March 12, 2023!**

Hidden on the cover of the first and limited-edition of THE CANDY SHOP WAR: THE CARNIVAL QUEST, are 4 candies.   So, if you manage to get a first-edition copy, you're in for a treat!

Also hidden - is something under real treats - and inside real Candy Shops around the country...

How to join the IT'SUGAR Scavenger Hunt:

  • In-Person Play:  FIND A "GOLDEN TICKET"!   Hidden in participating IT'SUGAR Candy Shops (between March 12 & March 18, 2023) is a "Golden Ticket"!   (IT'SUGAR has almost 100 locations in the USA - Find a Candy Shop)
    • The "Golden Ticket" will give you an entry into the raffle where you will win one of many prizes, including a complete set of THE CANDY SHOP WAR series, a DRAGONWATCH Boxed Set, a FABLEHAVEN Boxed Set, a Candy Shop War T-shirt, an IT'SUGAR gift card, and more!

    • If you find a "Golden Ticket", fill out the form here and upload a picture of your found ticket to be entered into the raffle!
    • Winners will be posted on March 20, 2023, on the Prizes Pages, and they'll also be notified by email.
    • See the full list of the hundreds of dollars in prizes on the Prizes Pages, and view the list of stores where the Gold Ticket has already been found.

  • Online Play:  SOLVE THE RIDDLE!   Ten additional raffle entries can be claimed virtually (one per household) by answering the riddle below.
    • Once you think you know the answer to the riddle below, MAKE A GUESS HERE
    • Note: When making an online guess, you only get one shot, so makes sure it’s your very best guess! The first ten fans who virtually guess correctly will be eligible for a raffle prize.
    • Same as if you found a Golden Ticket inside an IT'SUGAR Candy Shop, if you're one of the first ten correct guesses, you'll be entered into the raffle and are guaranteed to win a prize, which could be a complete set of THE CANDY SHOP WAR series, a DRAGONWATCH Boxed Set, a FABLEHAVEN Boxed Set, a Candy Shop War T-shirt, an IT'SUGAR gift card, and more!
    • You can make a guess here if you think you know it now.   However, you can make sure you have the correct answer by using the combination of the Dreams and Screams International Carnival Map below (which will be in the book), the Riddle Graphic below, and the correct Code from this website to decode the answer to the riddle.
    • There were more than 10 correct answers by day 5, but if you still want to try solving the riddle with the Map & and Symbols on this page (https://www.geocachingtoolbox.com/index.php?lang=en&page=codeTables&id=polkaDotCode) this hint will help you out:
    • HINT : The black won't tell you which way to go, but follow the blue, and the path through the Carnival you'll know.

      • AND THE ANSWER IS... LABRYNTH. Though it's more often referred to as a Fun House, the portable maze that many traveling carnivals have, with distortion-mirrors and sometimes jump-scare gadgets, is also sometimes called a LABRYNTH.   (How to solve it using the map and correct symbols:   First write the blue letters in the riddle in order. Second, find each letter on the Map with a symbol directly above it, and find the letter that represents the symbol on the GeoCachingToolbox website in the same order, which will spell LABRYNTH.   For example, the first Blue letter in the Riddle is M. You would look on the Map, and look at the symbol directly above the M. That symbol is a L on the GeoCachingToolbox website. Repeat that process for all the blue letters in the riddle to get the word LABRYNTH.)

  • Can I play both online and in-person?   Only one prize will be awarded to a family household/home address. So, while you're welcome to also try and solve the online riddle, if you also find a Golden Ticket, you'll only be eligible for one prize.
  • How can I meet Brandon?   Click the button below to find out where Brandon Mull will be signing books so you can meet him and get a book signed!
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