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Dale Van Atta

Dale Van Atta is a New York Times best-selling author and journalist who has been nominated five times for the Pulitzer Prize. For more than a decade, he co-authored the world’s most widely syndicated news column appeared in the Washington Post and nearly 1,000 other newspapers, reaching 50 million readers.

Van Atta was a longtime Roving Editor for Reader’s Digest and has been published in numerous other national publications. He has made appearances on the variety of national television news shows and has reported from all seven continents, including coverage of several wars. He has interviewed a panoply of U.S. presidents, world leaders, business and military leaders, terrorists, and spies.

Van Atta’s previously published biographies include General Norman Schwarzkopf, Stormin’ Norman: An American Hero; former Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird, With Honor; and murderous polygamist cult leader Ervil LeBaron, Prophet of Blood. He lives in Ashburn, Virginia, with his wife of forty-five years, Lynne. They have three children: Tara, Dylan, and Kate.

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