Shadow Mountain Book Tours Q&A


What is the length of the presentation?

The presentation will be approximately 40 minutes


Will there be a Q&A with the author?

Yes. We will disable the chat feature in Zoom, but there will be a Q&A at the end of the presentation.  There is a Q&A feature at the bottom of Zoom. Please ask your students to only use it for questions for the author.


Does it matter where I purchase books to receive the signed bookplates?

The signed bookplates promotion is a Shadow Mountain promotion and isn’t associated with any book stores, and we like to encourage working with and supporting a local bookstore.   You can order the books from any store, and students can order books themselves.  All books do not need to be purchased from the same location.  Once you have a total for the number of books ordered, send an email with the total number of books to


Does the author’s most recent book need to be purchased in order to receive the signed bookplates?

No, the author will sign a bookplate for any of their books that are purchased.  


Can multiple rooms use the same link, and can we sign up for multiple times?

Yes, multiple classrooms will be able to use the same link, and there isn’t a limit to the number of students who can watch.   Also, your entire school does not need to sign up for the same presentation.  Feel free to have each class/grade sign up for the presentation that works best.   If you do sign up for multiple times, it would be easiest for us if for one of the form entries you indicated the # of bookmarks needed for all the students attending across all classes/grades, and then select NO to bookmarks for any other entries.


Can I record the presentation, or will a recorded version of the presentation be available?

Schools have permission to record the presentation and show to other students, but it may not be uploaded and posted online.  We will be recording all presentations and will make one available for schools to watch if all interested classes and students weren’t able to watch.   We can send a private link for the recorded presentation upon request , which will allow you to show the presentation to the rest of your students.


Where can I learn more about the author’s books and other Shadow Mountain titles?

Visit, and view our Middle Grade and Empathy-Building Catalogs along with others on Edelweiss.