Publisher hosts trashy book event for kids!
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Publisher hosts trashy book event for kids!

Over 1,300 fans (some of whom drove over 220 miles to attend) gathered on Friday, September 5, to join Tyler Whitesides and the Jammin’ Janitors, with special guests Chad Morris and New York Times bestselling illustrator Brandon Dorman, for a particularly trashy musical extravaganza in celebration of the release of the fourth book in the Janitors series.

The show is written and composed by Tyler Whitesides, an accomplished musician and bestselling writer. This comical sketch follows the story of a school janitor in his attempt to clear all the trash from the school and includes everything AND the kitchen sink. His musical extravaganza is like a rock concert for books! Tyler and the Jammin’ Janitors feature a jaw-dropping percussion performance similar to off-Broadway shows like Stomp or the Blue Man Group.

Dressed in costumes made entirely of trash (think empty cereal boxes, broken umbrellas, bread bags, and more), the Jammin’ Janitors drummed incredible percussion scores on trash cans, paint barrels, pots, pans, and… toilets.

Brittany Fryer, an 11-year-old attendee eager for the show to start, said, “I’m the biggest Janitors fan! I love, love his books, when I’m waiting for the next book in the series I start reading book one again.” She quickly added, “Tyler and the Jammin’ Janitors know how to have fun and I like all the trash they dump on everyone at the end.”

At the close of the program, Tyler Whitesides, Brandon Dorman, and Chad Morris signed books and posters for over three hours until the last attendee left.

Janitors has been a huge hit in Florida and was nominated for the Sunshine State Book Award. Tyler is now on a nationwide, two-month (25+ cities) tour where he will be visiting an average of four elementary schools per day to conduct assemblies encouraging students to use their imaginations and inspiring a love of reading.

Feedback on Tyler’s tour presentation:

[pmc_quote border_color=”#e83338″]“His presentation was very interactive and wonderfully entertaining for my students!!”[/pmc_quote]
Brandi Givens, Library Media Specialist (Dr. Henry E. Perrine Academy of the Arts)

[pmc_quote border_color=”#e83338″]“Tyler was fabulous! We couldn’t have been more impressed with his talent, his message and his presentation.  Thank you so much. Teachers and students alike were raving.”[/pmc_quote]
Marty Ken (North Beach Elementary)

[pmc_quote border_color=”#e83338″]“THANK YOU!!! Our entire school is abuzz with excitement following our visit from Tyler. He is a very dynamic speaker and a very talented individual. Our students and teachers were enthralled with his presentation. I am getting compliments as I walk down the hallways! Thank you again for sending Tyler to our school and letting our students be part of this unforgettable experience.”[/pmc_quote]
Ana Simeon, Media Specialist (Village Green Elementary)

About Janitors: Strike of the Sweepers
Book four in the Janitors series released on September 9, 2014

Janitors Bk4 cover

About Tyler Whitesides
Tyler Whitesides worked as a janitor at a middle school while attending college. It was there he discovered the many secrets and mysteries that can be hidden in a dusty school. To learn more about the series, visit:

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This is terrific! My kids loved the toilet percussion.

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