Blog Tour – Fairy Tale Christmas 2014
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Blog Tour hosted by Shadow Mountain


Fairy-Tale-Christmas_ABOOK DESCRIPTION:
Santa Claus has been kidnapped! Behind the plot are the fairy tale villains: an evil queen, a wicked stepmother, a beanstalk giant, and, of course, the mischievous Rumplestiltskin. They have a plan that will erase the term “Happily Ever After” from our storybooks forever.

To save the day, the fairy tale heroes must decide if they will sacrifice their happiness so that Santa can bring Christmas to all the children of the world. Christmas is almost here, and time is running out.



  • 11/03/14 – Sweetly Made Just for You  “Very delightful and fun to read.”–Sweetly Made Just for You
  • 11/03/14 – Giving N Sharing  “A good stocking stuffer.”–Giving N Sharing
  • 11/03/14 – LDS Writer Mom  “This book was hilarious.”—LDS Writer Mom   
  • 11/03/14 – Sarah J. Clift “The twists and turns make for a fun adventure that young readers and listeners will love.”–Sarah J. Clift
  • 11/03/14 – Jullie Coulter Bellon   “The perfect family book with enough jokes and fun to keep everyone laughing.” Jullie Bellon
  • 11/03/14 – Snogging on Sunday    “LOVE it!”—Snogging on Sunday
  • 11/03/14 – Getting Your Read On  “The Christmas spirit is just flowing through this book.”–Aimee Brown
  • 11/04/14 – The Stylish Nest  “A fun book for young readers.”–The Stylish Nest
  • 11/04/14 – My Mommy Style   “Clever language that includes humor for the younger reader . . . A beautiful message of the truth that there is good in all of us and what Christmas is all about.”—My Mommy Style
  • 11/04/14 – I Love to Read and Review Books  “A FUN, FUN BOOK! Sure to be a HOLIDAY FAVORITE!”—I Love to Read and Review Books  
  • 11/04/14 – Cindy’s Love of Books  
  • 11/04/14 – Galanapalooza  “The story is charming.”–Galanapalooza
  • 11/05/14 – Someone in Mind
  • 11/05/14 – Beth’s Book Reviews  “A joy to read from the very first page to the last!”—Beth’s Book Reviews  
  • 11/05/14 – Thoughts in Progress  “An enchanting story that will quickly become a Christmas favorite.”—Thoughts in Progress 



  • 11/05/14 – Literary Time Out  “Super cute and funny.”—Literary Time Out  
  • 11/05/14 – Raising Memories  “I really liked that it has so much action.”–Raising Memories (8 year old reviewer)
  • 11/05/14 – Lisa Book Worm  “Bound to capture the imagination of children and adults of all ages.”—Lisa Is a Book Worm  
  • 11/05/14 – The Things I Love Most  “A quick fun book to read as a family.”—The Things I Love Most
  • 11/05/14 – I am a Reader Book Spotlight
  • 11/06/14 – Freda’s Voice  “Coolest book ever!”—Freda’s Voice
  • 11/06/14 – Read a Lot  “A fun new Christmas Fairy tale this hits the spot.”—Readalot Rhonda  
  • 11/06/14 – Bonnie Gets a Say  “A fun, quick read that gives a different twist on familiar fairy tale characters.”—Bonnie Harris
  • 11/06/14 – Lovebugs and Postcards
  • 11/06/14 – Little Redheads  “One of the most gorgeous covers and layouts I have ever seen for a middle grade book!”—Little Red Reads  
  • 11/07/14 – LDS and Lovin’ it  “A creatively new look at the Christmas season.”—LDS and Lovin’ It
  • 11/07/14 – Ordinary Happily Ever After  “A super cute story . . . filled with meaning and truth.”—Ordinary Happily Ever After  
  • 11/07/14 – Jellybean Moments
  • 11/07/14 – Emma Michaels


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