BLOG TOUR – Celebrating a Christ Centered Christmas
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Blog Tour hosted by Shadow Mountain


Celebrating A Christ-Centered Christmas.FBOOK DESCRIPTION:
Discover how each figure of the nativity can lead your family closer to Christ this Christmas season. Learn the tradition of the tinkling bell, whip up a batch of French cocoa, create a tender mercy tree, and find ways to make your gift-giving more meaningful as Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas guides you through seven meaningful traditions inspired by the nativity setting. These simple experiences will give you and opportunity to escape from the frantic busyness of the Christmas season to spend time reflecting on the Savior and the miracle of His birth.



  • 11/10/14 – Brooklyn Berry Designs
  • 11/10/14 – Sarah J. Clift   “I know my family will enjoy this journey.”—Sarah J. Clift
  • 11/10/14 – GivingNSharing    “A welcome book designed to teach your family (mom & dad too) about what Christmas is really about.”—GivingNSharing
  • 11/10/14 – Kaisy Daisy’s Corner   “This will be something I will be starting as new tradition.”—Kaisy Daisy’s Corner  
  • 11/10/14 – Julie Coulter Bellon  “Simple and sweet and meaningful.”—Julie Coulter Bellon
  • 11/10/14 – Marie Leslie  “A welcome addition to any Christmas library.”—Marie Leslie  
  • 11/10/14 – Snogging on Sunday “A beautiful remembrance of the true meaning of Christmas.”—Snogging On Sunday
  • 11/11/14 – Simplistically Sassy
  • 11/11/14 – The Real Housewives of Riverton  “An easy read filled with uplifting ideas.”—House Wives of Riverton
  • 11/11/14 – Someone in Mind  “A great resource to help . . . make this your most meaningful Christmas ever!”—Someone In Mind
  • 11/11/14 – Swinging on Small Hinges  “I cannot wait to do this with my family this year!”—Swinging on Small Hinges  
  • 11/11/14 – I am a Reader  “The activities are simple and things that could easily be done or adapted to work in most families.”—I am A Reader  
  • 11/12/14 – Galanapalooza    “Uses the nativity to teach small lessons, perfect for family night, about the Savior.”—Galanapalooza
  • 11/12/14 – We Like to Learn as We Go  “A great book for anyone who believes in Christ.”—We Like to Learn as We Go




  • 11/12/14 – Shelli Proffitt Howells
  • 11/12/14 – Min Reads and Reviews   “Heart-felt stories and ideas.”—Min Reads and Reviews  
  • 11/12/14 – Fire and Ice Reads    “A new way to teach our children and prepare them for a holiday.”—Fire and Ice Reads 
  • 11/13/14 – Cranial Hiccups  “Ready made devotionals to do throughout December!”—Cranial Hiccups
  • 11/13/14 – Readalot  “My favorite Christmas book that I have read this year.”—Readalot Rhonda
  • 11/13/14 – Prepared Housewives  “Helped to put an order to our traditions, simplify the season, and give clarity to the true meaning of Christmas.”—Prepared Housewives
  • 11/13/14 – Lisa Book Worm  “A book with a great message.”—Lisa Is a Book Worm
  • 11/13/14 – Cindy C. Bennett  “A great book for anyone who does celebrate Christmas.”—Author Cindy Bennett  
  • 11/14/14 – Karey White  
  • 11/14/14 – Books are Sanity  “The stories will uplift you, the message will touch your heart.”—Books are Sanity
  • 11/14/14 – Fearlessly Creative Mommas  “New ideas to keep Christ in Christmas.”—Fearlessly Creative Mammas
  • 11/14/14 – Bonnie Harris  “A great, easy read that will help you shift your focus back on Christ.”—Bonnie Gets a Say


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