Obert Skye does it again with new book Choke, the sequel to well-received Pillage
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Choke, the sequel to the well-received Pillage

“Obert Skye has created another amazing dragon fantasy.” McClatchy-Tribune News Service



Award-winning author Obert Skye, writer of the fantasy series Leven Thumps, now pens volume two of his trilogy Choke.

Having toured the country multiple times, speaking to more than half-a-million students about the importance of reading and growing your imagination, Skye has developed a loyal nationwide fan base.

In this sequel to Pillage, Beck Phillips has determined he is a Pillage and dragons are part of his heritage. Try as he might, he can’t ignore their obvious lure. In Choke (Shadow Mountain, $17.99), Beck is confronted with conflicting stories from adults who claim to know what’s best for him and it’s his task to figure out who can be trusted and who can’t. Will Beck, once and for all, be able to change the course of events his family curse has destined for him?

For more information, about Choke visit the official site of Obert Skye.

About the Author:

Obert Skye loves dragons. He wishes he had a few. Actually, he wishes he had a few dozen. Unfortunately, at the moment he doesn’t even have one. Because of this he’s really enjoyed telling the tale of Beck Pillage and his family’s ability. To quote Obert, “Dragon and drool aside, writing this book has been one exciting ride.” Aside from issuing quotes for the back of book jackets, Obert is also the award-winning author of the bestselling Leven Thumps series. Obert currently lives indoors and near a thin, winding road.